About us

About Us
86 On The Line is the place to shop for quality Chefs inspired attire. Created and developed by a chef for chefs and culinary enthusiasts. We hope that our clothing line can provide a connection between the people working in the food industry. That's why you will find the 86 number in each of our designs, this number will help you to recognize other people who like you are members of our "Chef's Community". We can't wait to see you join our "big family".

Our founder
Laurent Lanneau is the owner and founder of 86 On The Line. After more than 25 years of experience in the food industry (and still working as a Chef), he realized there was a need for clothing in this industry. His first experience came a few years ago when he decided to create for him and some of his friends a T-shirt that read in the front "Friendly french Chef " and on the back "Just kidding ". To shows you that humor is important in this industry.

Our name
Why 86 on the line: When the kitchen runs out of a dish, it’s “86’d.” Dishes can also be 86’d if the chef is unhappy with the preparation and temporarily wants it off the menu.
The “line” is the kitchen space where the cooking is done, often set up in a horizontal line.
So when you're off, you are 86 from the line and you can wear your favorite piece of garment from our store.