Did you add some fresh ground pepper?

Did you add some fresh ground pepper?” That was always the question a Chef from the south of France would ask, when I used to work with him a long time ago (please don't ask how old I am!!!) He was so obsessed with seasoning that even now when I cook, I can still hear his voice!


Seasoning is somehow magical. By adding some simple ingredients like salt and pepper, before searing or grilling, a new world of flavor will reveal to you! Now, there are multiple choices when it comes to seasoning: different types of salt and pepper, more exotic ingredients such as saffron, cardamom, curry etc. So don't be scared to try and play with seasoning and spices.

You will work with different Chefs throughout your career and each of them will make an impression on you. After working with that particular Chef, in the south of France, my ground pepper mill is always near my knives!


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